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Mission Statement

Living and learning the truth of God.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Young Adult Ministry asks that members be in the 20 to 30+ age range.  The group is targeted for single adults and married couples and older adults are welcome.  Our group will function around the college academic school year, however we can meet year round for all others.


Each bi-week we will discuss a different topic that will enrich the faith of young adults.  Topics will include:  Theology of the Body, Catechesis, Evangelization, Apologetics, Scripture Study, Vocation Discernment, praise and worship, retreats, and volunteering opportunities.   We will meet at different venues, churches and events with the goal of sharing our faith and befriending those fallen away Catholics.





Parish Outreach:

Young Adult Studies

Young Adult Advocate

Daniel Barrón

Shelly Schoppe

Linda Mora

Michael Mora

Nathan Garcia

Claudia James


We will meet every Thursday from 6 to 8pm in the Guadalupe room during the year either at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish or the Annex property.  The first and third Thursdays will be structured faith formation and the second and fourth will be open Thursday’s where we will focus on getting in touch with our lives and applying our faith.  Our meetings will be structured as follows:

  • Social time and snacks
  • Opening Prayer
  • Lesson, teaching, video, etc.
  • Group discussion and or questions
  • Wrap up
  • Announcements
  • Closing Prayer and departure


  1. To help young adults encounter Jesus Christ and develop a deeper relationship with God through prayer, worship, liturgy, sacred scripture, catechesis and the Sacraments.  To connect young adults to the Church through evangelizing outreach, formation of the faith community, and pastoral care.
  2. To cultivate a community of fraternity, fellowship, and support which will help young adults realize that they are not alone and that they can build friendships with like-minded Catholics.
    To enable young adults to strive for spiritual growth.
  3. To connect young adults with the mission of the Church in the world through forming a Christian conscience, educating and developing leaders for the present and future.
  4. To bring young adults to realize their dignity as a person made in the image and likeness of God.
  5. To initiate ongoing catechetical formation for young adults through effective methods of learning the complete faith of the Catholic Church.
  6. To help young adults discover their God given talents and gifts and how they can use them for the good of others and the Church.
  7. To guide the young adults to discern and pursue their vocation, whether it be marriage, single life, religious life or priesthood as well as exercise their baptismal calling to evangelize and be a witness for others.
  8. To growth our faith beyond the sacramental (traditional) life checklist stages.


  • Young adults have been captivated by the consumerism and materialism of the society in which they grew up and have become apathetic and cynical.
  • Young adulthood is sometimes a world of boredom, disillusionment, and indifference to the Church.
  • Young adults need a non-threatening place where they can freely express their questions, doubts, and even disagreements with the Church and where the teachings of the Church can be clearly articulated and related to their experience.
  • Young adults make some of the most important decisions in their lives about their Christian vocation, their career, and their choice of spouse.

Leadership Initiative

The young adult leaders will make a commitment to attend every meeting in or outside the parish unless an emergency arises. The young adult leaders will make a commitment to the ministry for at least one year.  It is important that the Young Adult Leaders attend the monthly Archdiocese Young Adult meetings.  Young adult leaders are also expected to participate in different workshops throughout the Archdiocese concerning ministry leadership and young adult ministry.