Confession (Reconciliation) Times

Confession Room

One of our Confession Rooms.

Confessions are heard in the Main Church Reconciliation Room and in the Chapel Reconciliation Room every:

Saturday from 4:00pm – 4:30pm, or until the last penitent.

Confessions are also heard BY APPOINTMENT. PLEASE CALL AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE TO SET AN APPOINTMENT with one of our parish priests:

  • Rev. Carlos Davalos,(210) 695-8791, ext 104,
    • English & Spanish – not available on Mondays
  • Rev. Anthony Male, (210) 695-8791, ext 104,
    • English – not available on Thursdays
  • Rev. Danny D. Nyang’au, (210) 695-8791, ext. 113,
    • English – not available on Fridays